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About Jam Perennial Plants

About Jam Perennial Plants

Based in the Charente France, JAM Perennial Plants is a newly established wholesale and retail nursery.

We grow all our plants here on-site raised from seeds and cuttings, so that you can be assured of the quality.

JAM’s previous experience over the last 25 years as a gardener, a garden designer and many years carrying general garden maintenance for clients has given broad range of experiences to put in to this nursery.

JAM endeavours to offer value for money across the range. And we’re happy to give friendly advice when selecting plants for a specific location, or dealing with pests, pepping up your soils nutrients levels, when to plant etc.

We’ve made a selection of plants that will suit many of the environment types found locally, for instance we have a many perennials in our range that have been selected as they are drought tolerant once established. Many of our perennial plants have been selected to offer sustenance to the bee colonies who are suffering from the heavy use of pesticides by farmers and environmental changes which can mean that some species are flowering at the wrong time.

We want to be as environmentally aware as we can be in the nursery, avoiding the use of pesticides and herbicides. Unlike the garden centres we will take unwanted garden plastics that clutter up the garden shed off your hands for re-use or to pass on to others gardeners who may need them.

Here at Jam Perennial Plants we will be able to supply you with the more unusual varieties of your garden favourites. We’re always on the lookout for new varieties as they are released, we will put in leg work tracking down rarer plants so you don’t have too.

We will supply unusual species that the garden designers use when they wow you at shows like The Chelsea Flower Show (UK) and Festival International des Jardins (France). Please browse through the pages to get a feel and for inspiration. We also aim to resurrect some the long forgotten favourite plants of the great Victorian and Edwardian eras of gardening. In addition to our gorgeous perennials we also supply a range of ornamental grasses and tough as old boots sedums and other succulents to compliment the perennials.

List on the website is just a selection of the plants that are available here at JAM.