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Echinacea purpurea Vintage Wine

An unusual Coneflower. It's scented, a deep but crisp pink, not dusty like more common varieties, and the petals are quite stubby around an extra large protruding cone. The cone is dark brown but many other colours can be seen within it. They start flowering as things start hotting up in the garden from June until autumn. It is quite stout, no staking is required. Once established it can cope with most soil and weather conditions, although dislikes being water-logged in the winter. Works well planted in mixed borders or planted en-mass in drifts.

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Echinacea purpurea Little Magnus

Little Magnus as the name suggests is somewhat shorter than most varieties at just 45cm, so a useful daisy style flower for the front of herbaceous beds. A deep pink cone flower with protruding brown cone. Loved by bees and butterflies when in bloom and the birds love the seedheads. Will grow in any well drained soil in full sun or part shade. flowering from early summer until late autumn. will form clumps that can be lifted and divided when the plant becomes congested. A spadeful of something protective and nutritious for autumn is good idea. Hardy Perennial.

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Hemerocallis Vanilla Fluff

Vanilla Fluff is a beautiful double flower in tones of melted butter. Hemerocallis means ‘beautiful for a day’. Each huge bloom may last just one day, but they appear in succession one after the other on each stem. Hemerocallis originate from Asia and have been cultivated for many centuries. The flower petals are edible. Semi-evergreen foliage, in the form of long leaves that have a lightly pleated look to them. Prefers moist, well-drained soil in sun or part shade. Will form good clumps quite quickly.

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Cephalaria gigantea

Often called Giant Scabiosa, as it is so similar to the Pincushion flower adored by butterflies and gardeners alike. Cephalaria will form good clumps of pinnately lobbed basal leaves with tall branched stems that carry the flowers that can be as large as 6cm across. The flowers are a gorgeous soft yellow from early summer through to autumn. Give them full sun or partial shade and any aspect. Not fussy about soil type if it is moist and free draining. Cephalaria will get quite tall, 1m - 1.5m in first year ultimately reaching up to 2.5m so an ideal canditate for the rear of the border.

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Verbascum Southern Charm

This tall elegant apricot hued Verbascum makes worthy addition to any border. Verbascums have been transformed by breeders in recent years and Southern Charm captures all the qualities of its best qualities, giving great colour throughout the summer months. The spires grow up tall over a base of dark green crinkly leaves and form basal rosettes. They will form good clumps in a couple of seasons. It also makes a good cut flower for flower arrangers.

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