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Plectranthus argentatus

An Australian native plant, largely grown for its attractive silvery, velvety, ribbed, heart-shaped leaves. And it will needs plenty of pinching out to give it a bushier appearance. Pretty mauve-blue flowers are borne on small spires that appear in summer. Enjoys a sunny position in the garden on well-drained soil but can also be used to provide interesting foliage under garden trees where other plants aren’t willing to perform.

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Salvia Amistad

Amistad is Spanish for friendship. This a brand new Salvia with stunning purple and black flowers. At the moment it is protected by plant breeder’s rights, so is not yet available. It is drought tolerant and loves a sunny position in the garden. And will attract bees and butterflies. It has aromatic foliage like all salvia. May need winter protection in damp and colder areas if below -5 degrees. If in doubt take cuttings as an insurance policy. Slugs may attack young foliage. Propagate by division in spring or semi-ripe cuttings from non flowering shoots in summer. Hardy perennial.

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Veronica longifolia – Atomic Silvery Pink

This Veronica has tall, upright pale pink spires of masses of tiny flowers from May. Mounds of foliage of young plants soon establish good clumps. This variety is mildew resistant; as it is to other pest, slugs, snails, deer and rabbits. A good candidate for a pot but better in the borders, on well-drained soil in sun or part shade, where it will attract the pollinators. Will last for a few days in a vase. Fully Hardy Perennial.

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Alstroemeria – Zoe

Alstroemeria are the unsung heroes of many a herbaceous border with their free flowering habit. A member of the lilly family, Zoe is prettily blushed with pinks and a soft primrose yellows that have a series of dashes marked out on the petals. The flowers are much darker when in bud. This a lower growing, more compact variety with very attractive variegated markings on two-tone green leaves that appear to be softly pleated.

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Helenium – Coppelia

Masses of riotously coloured blooms right through summer. A spectrum of marmalade spashes, yellows, oranges and red petals make a ring like a ruffled skirt around dark central mounds that form the cone. The flowers are held to face the sun on sturdy stems that sway in breeze. Plant en masse to form impressive drifts inside two years. The long flowering season attracts all the pollinators, will repeat flower if first faded blooms are removed. Thrives in full sun on well drained soil, that is kept moist. It height makes it a good candidate for deep in the border.

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