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Saxifraga x urbium London’s Pride

Wiry, reddish stems hold small white freckled flowers over glossy evergreen rosettes of neatly scalloped leaves. Great for ground cover, path edgings and on rockeries, readily forms dense matting. Good in sun or partial shade on all soil types including poor soils. Attractive to all the pollinators in late spring to early summer when it flowers. London’s Pride has an AGM from the RHS.
Hardy Perennial.
Height 30cm and spread 60cm

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Macleaya cordata

This exuberant grower is member of the poppy family, you can see this in its leaves. The handsome architectural foliage is grey-green or blue-green and deeply loped and get large and change colour as they mature. They can end up the size of dinner plate. Water sits in pretty droplets on these leaves after rain. A useful plant for the back of the border as it attains real height, or to fill in large spaces. It is one step down from being invasive, as it is easy to keep in check. Great plumes of tiny creamy flowers create a cloudy effect in late summer, which are flowed by seed heads.

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Verbena Bonariensis

This is a tall Verbena with few narrow leaves, square stems and flat heads of bright purple tiny flowers. A useful plant for providing some height in the border, it can look as though the flower heads are just floating as its stems are quite slender. It’s only just hardy, leaving the old stems on through winter can help protect it in conjunction with a winter mulching. It’s a wonderful magnet to all the pollinators who love it. This Verbena also looks handsome when planted to grow up through tall ornamental grasses where it can be allowed to self-seed.

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Tradescantia x Andersoniana Concord Grape

Tradescantia x Andersoniana Concord Grape is a hardy clump-forming perennial with vivid violet-purple three petal flowers from June to October. It has long grey-green, lance shaped leaves with a fine stripe. This tradescantia will completely die back in winter and re-grow from ground level in spring. Plant in sun, with fertile well drained soil; keep moist in the first season. Height 60cm and spread 60cm

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Echinacea Pow Wow Wild Berry

You will be reward with a prolific amount of flowers from this Coneflower. Deep pink daisy like petals surround dark conical centres grace Pow Wow Wild Berry. Echinaceas are renowned as a herbal remedy that boosts the immune systems. Echinacea are erect, clump forming herbaceous perennial rhizomes with lobed ovate hairy leaves on stiff stalks. Coneflowers look great when in bud, bloom or the seed-head, flowering from early summer through September. Echinaceas are very attractive to all pollinating insects.

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