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Verbascum Southern Charm

This tall elegant apricot hued Verbascum makes worthy addition to any border. Verbascums have been transformed by breeders in recent years and Southern Charm captures all the qualities of its best qualities, giving great colour throughout the summer months. The spires grow up tall over a base of dark green crinkly leaves and form basal rosettes. They will form good clumps in a couple of seasons. It also makes a good cut flower for flower arrangers.

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Digitalis Polkadot Pippa

A beautiful apricot and pink perennial hardy digitalis. . Perennial foxgloves are sterile, so they can produce flowering spires all summer long as no seed is produced. Simply remove faded spires to encourage more of them. Two-tone flowers are a beacon to bees and hoverflies. Flowering from late spring well into autumn. Plant in a sunny position on well drained, fertile soil; or in containers. They are easy grow and rewarding to have in the garden, and make good cut flowers. Hardy Perennial.
Height 90cm and spread 60cm.

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Achillea – Apricot Delight

This Yarrow is from the Tutti-Fruiti series. Achillea love the sun and heat of summer and really don’t mind a poor soil. They flower prolifically from mid-summer well into autumn making an attractive addition to the garden border. Mounds of pretty fern-like foliage are covered with flat heads of long lasting tiny flowers that start off a deep reddish apricot that mature to pale salmon, harmonising with each other. Regular dead heading will prolong the flowering season. Makes an excellent cut flower. Will bring the bees and butterflies to the garden and is not attractive to rabbit and deer.

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Digitalis Mixed

Foxgloves are a popular hedgerow and woodland plant preferring light shade. Instantly recognised by everyone they vary in colour from pinks, mauves, white, apricot with marking inside the tall spires of tubular bells that are varied spots, freckles, circles of purple, red, burgundy, pink or mauve. Superb in a shady border and flocked to by bees and other pollinating insects. You can encourage this bi-annual to behave in a perennial manner by removing spent spires before the seed pods start forming. Foxgloves have a rosette of large basal oval, hairy leaves.

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Geum Mai-Tai

Mai Tai is a fabulous little plant, produces a reddish purple bud opening to sculpted delicate apricot double flowers with rosy hues. Held above the dome of leaves on hairy stems flowering form spring until summer. Has a densely packed neat dome of round, hairy mid green leaves. Mai Tai is loved by the bees and butterflies, but not deer or the slugs. Give it well drained fertile soil in a semi-shaded position that will not get waterlogged through the winter months. Height 45cm and spread 45cm

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