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Penstemon Raven

Our Penstemons were originally bred by Edward Wilson of Pershore, Worcestershire and are hardier plants more resistant to damp and colder conditions. Selecting an elegant Penstemon for your garden will ensure masses of colour for up to six months of the year, they are hard working, beautiful and easy to grow plants. Will brighten borders in late summer particularly as they will reliably bloom and will attract lots of pollinating insects into the garden. They come in a diverse range of colours and heights. To prolong flowering remove spent flower stems.

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Dahlia Sam Hopkins

We love Sam Hopkins for its sumptuously dark buds. When they open the blooms are also dark and enticing. Is quite tall standing at around 100cm, so place at the rear or middle of herbaceous borders. They will need staking as the blooms are quite heavy for the hollow stems to hold up, use something stout for this and tie in regularly through summer. Loved by the pollinators, Sam Hopkins will flower from July and on into October. They are quite happy in full sun on a moist, well-drained soil.

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Iris Black

Near perfect black, this Iris is very dark and quite beautiful. Stout, reliable, elegant plants that flower in late spring or early summer. Grey-green sword shaped leaves grow in fans from rhizomes that are only part submerged in the ground. Likes a free draining spot with plenty of grit, dislikes wet feet. Happy in containers, they also make a good cut flower. Hardy Perennial.
Height 75cm and 45cm.

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Salvia Amistad

Amistad is Spanish for friendship. This a brand new Salvia with stunning purple and black flowers. At the moment it is protected by plant breeder’s rights, so is not yet available. It is drought tolerant and loves a sunny position in the garden. And will attract bees and butterflies. It has aromatic foliage like all salvia. May need winter protection in damp and colder areas if below -5 degrees. If in doubt take cuttings as an insurance policy. Slugs may attack young foliage. Propagate by division in spring or semi-ripe cuttings from non flowering shoots in summer. Hardy perennial.

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Agapanthus inapertus - Graskop

This Agapanthus inapertus has dark blue-black pendulous flowers in high summer. When planted en masse they are highly dramatic, but also work well as a specimen in pots or containers. Dark blue, almost black buds open to reveal violet-purple flowers that mark this deciduous agapanthus. Thick stout stems rise above the green strappy leaves. A. inapertus is slightly hardier than evergreen cultivars. Position in full sun, on well-drained soil. Will tolerate some winter wetness, but position in full sun, on well-drained soil with some grit incorporated into it.

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