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Artemisia Silver King

Silver Kings is vigorous but can be extremely useful in places where all else fails, spots in full sun all day, on sunny free-draining slopes. The plant will quickly form a clump of fragrant silvery leaves that white on the underside and covered with small hairs that protect them from excessive moisture loss due to evaporation. Small white insignificant flowers follow in the summer. If it becomes to leggy or starts collapsing under its own weight, simply cut down by 50-70% it will quickly rejuvenate. Perhaps to vigorous except for the largest herbaceous beds, good in pots, raised beds.

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Alchemilla Mollis

Alchemilla Mollis, often called Lady’s Mantle is from southern Europe and grown worldwide for its attractive foliage. Round leaves with scalloped edges, that take on a magical quality after rain as water sits in droplets and sparkle in the daylight. The water is repelled from the surface of leave due to its dewetting properties making it collect in droplets. This useful plant is great for ground cover, edging paths, tumbling over changes in levels. Once established it is will tolerate dry periods and even heavy clay. Acid-yellow to green flowers appear from late spring.

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Kniphofia – Ice Queen

A late flowering Kniphofia that saves its torches for August to October. Ice Queen is a soft green and fade to cream as they mature. Tough plants that are happy in most locations including coastal gardens, on any soil type that is well drained. Good in full sun or partial shade. Resists disease, pests, deer and rabbit, slugs and snails.
Height 100cm and spread 45cm.

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Kniphofia – Limelight

This is a stunning Kniphofia, on a stout stem with architectural foliage to make a real statement in the borders, and Limelight has just a slight curl to the leaves to add extra interest. In summer the strong stems rise to hold short fat candles of lime green that mature to yellow. They are deer resistant and drought tolerant and generally pest free. Happy in coastal conditions. This versatile clumping plant is great in mixed garden beds, large pots, mass plantings and for architectural character.Prefers well-drained soil in sun or part shade. Hardy perennial.

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Salvia x sylvestris 'Tänzerin'

A fabulous compact Salvia hybrid for the borders densely packed with spikes of mauve-blue small flowers on erect brittle green and purple square shaped stems. The mass of mauve-blue makes a great backdrop to more vivid blooms. Flowering summer through autumn and will attract pollinating insects into the garden. Position Tänzerin in sun or partial shade on well drained soil that’s rich in humus; is tolerant of dry or drought conditions. Tanzerin will give any Lavender a run for it's money with the long and repeat flowering season.

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