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Hemerocallis Vanilla Fluff

Vanilla Fluff is a beautiful double flower in tones of melted butter. Hemerocallis means ‘beautiful for a day’. Each huge bloom may last just one day, but they appear in succession one after the other on each stem. Hemerocallis originate from Asia and have been cultivated for many centuries. The flower petals are edible. Semi-evergreen foliage, in the form of long leaves that have a lightly pleated look to them. Prefers moist, well-drained soil in sun or part shade. Will form good clumps quite quickly.

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Cephalaria gigantea

Often called Giant Scabiosa, as it is so similar to the Pincushion flower adored by butterflies and gardeners alike. Cephalaria will form good clumps of pinnately lobbed basal leaves with tall branched stems that carry the flowers that can be as large as 6cm across. The flowers are a gorgeous soft yellow from early summer through to autumn. Give them full sun or partial shade and any aspect. Not fussy about soil type if it is moist and free draining. Cephalaria will get quite tall, 1m - 1.5m in first year ultimately reaching up to 2.5m so an ideal canditate for the rear of the border.

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Trollius x cultorum Cheddar

This beauty has globes of soft creamy-yellow flowers that have a real, yet understated elegance when planted in drifts. The flowers are held above neat mounds of attractive foliage. The dark green leaves are refined, lobed and deeply cut and stay dark throughout the season. They like a soil that has been enriched with well-rotted matter, that remains moist and free draining. They enjoy a marginal position near water, or in partial shade, edge of woodland. Consider mulching in summer if drying out. Cut back and mulch in late autumn. Hardy Perennial.
Height 60cm and spread 45cm.

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Alchemilla Mollis

Alchemilla Mollis, often called Lady’s Mantle is from southern Europe and grown worldwide for its attractive foliage. Round leaves with scalloped edges, that take on a magical quality after rain as water sits in droplets and sparkle in the daylight. The water is repelled from the surface of leave due to its dewetting properties making it collect in droplets. This useful plant is great for ground cover, edging paths, tumbling over changes in levels. Once established it is will tolerate dry periods and even heavy clay. Acid-yellow to green flowers appear from late spring.

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Kniphofia – Limelight

This is a stunning Kniphofia, on a stout stem with architectural foliage to make a real statement in the borders, and Limelight has just a slight curl to the leaves to add extra interest. In summer the strong stems rise to hold short fat candles of lime green that mature to yellow. They are deer resistant and drought tolerant and generally pest free. Happy in coastal conditions. This versatile clumping plant is great in mixed garden beds, large pots, mass plantings and for architectural character.Prefers well-drained soil in sun or part shade. Hardy perennial.

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