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Geranium – Rothbury Red

Rothbury Red has soft white, upward facing, cup shaped flowers, flushed with pink and a darker eye. The foliage is lush looking and lightly fragrant, it has red-bronze divided leaves that pale to reddish grey-green as summer progresses. Prefers full sun on well drained soil, will tolerate drier conditions. Dislikes winter wet. Hardy Perennial.

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Geranium Phaeum Samobor

Hardy Geranium ‘ Samobor’ has smallish nodding maroon/brown/purple flowers on upright slender stems, bursting into life from early spring through to the autumn months. The leaves below are lobed, dark green with darker rings and achieve some purple and red tones in the autumn. Not fussy on aspect or soil conditions, although full sun or water logged conditions are not good. Samobor will eventually achieve a height of 80cm after establishing and its slender stems may need staking or support from other plants. Removing spent stems encourages new leaves and flowers through the season.

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Geranium Eureka Blue

This hardy geranium Eureka Blue boasts many large single flowers of a deep blue with vigorous mounds of foliage that turn a showy red in the autumn for low level drama in borders. Give your garden or outside space a touch of intense colour with these stunning flowers. Eureka Blue is a new variety of hardy geranium and has been aptly described as Johnson’s Blue on steroids. Hardy perennial. It’s easy to grow, great for new gardeners. Long flowering and drought tolerant Eureka Blue gives great ground cover smothering weeds. It’s happy in containers and at the front of the borders.

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Geranium Blushing turtle

There are so many hardy geraniums/cranesbills about. Blushing Turtle is a relatively new one that was developed by breeders in Canada on project to make drought tolerant hardy geraniums. They make great ground cover each plant will easily get to 50cm wide and only 15cm high. Blushing Turtle is also good used to soften edges, on paths or walls, it’s also a happy container plant.. The stems are multi-branched creating a mass of flowers in May/June and then again in early autumn until the frosts. The flowers are a deep pink and show a mass of veins in a deeper pink are about 3-4cm across.

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