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Kniphofia – Ice Queen

A late flowering Kniphofia that saves its torches for August to October. Ice Queen is a soft green and fade to cream as they mature. Tough plants that are happy in most locations including coastal gardens, on any soil type that is well drained. Good in full sun or partial shade. Resists disease, pests, deer and rabbit, slugs and snails.
Height 100cm and spread 45cm.

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Kniphofia – Limelight

This is a stunning Kniphofia, on a stout stem with architectural foliage to make a real statement in the borders, and Limelight has just a slight curl to the leaves to add extra interest. In summer the strong stems rise to hold short fat candles of lime green that mature to yellow. They are deer resistant and drought tolerant and generally pest free. Happy in coastal conditions. This versatile clumping plant is great in mixed garden beds, large pots, mass plantings and for architectural character.Prefers well-drained soil in sun or part shade. Hardy perennial.

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Kniphofia Elvria

Kniphofias are grown for their spears of brightly coloured, usually orange, red, yellow flowers. These are held high above the leaves. Elvira is deer and rabbit resistant and is attractive to bees and other insects. They look good among tall grasses, magnificent when elevated in a raised bed or tub. A broad genus contains of about 70 species of evergreen or deciduous rhizomatous perennials from Africa. The deciduous species has semi-evergreen strappy grassy leaves. They are clump forming . In summer tall strong stems rise to hold short fat candles of orange- yellow.

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Kniphofia – Samuel’s Sensation

Kniphofia Samuels Sensation has show-stopping bright orange flower spikes. The flowering spikes are almost fluorescent in some lights and fade to a yellow hue, on erect stems. Leaves are thin, long, and grass-like. This is a robust, but graceful perennial with architectural character. Hard working tolerant plant, that prefers a well drained position in a loamy sandysoil; but will thrive in many conditions. The evergreen leaves benefit from a good tidying at the end of flowering season leaving a healthy looking mound of leaves to protect it through the winter months.

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