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Alstroemeria – Zoe

Alstroemeria are the unsung heroes of many a herbaceous border with their free flowering habit. A member of the lilly family, Zoe is prettily blushed with pinks and a soft primrose yellows that have a series of dashes marked out on the petals. The flowers are much darker when in bud. This a lower growing, more compact variety with very attractive variegated markings on two-tone green leaves that appear to be softly pleated.

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Agapanthus inapertus - Graskop

This Agapanthus inapertus has dark blue-black pendulous flowers in high summer. When planted en masse they are highly dramatic, but also work well as a specimen in pots or containers. Dark blue, almost black buds open to reveal violet-purple flowers that mark this deciduous agapanthus. Thick stout stems rise above the green strappy leaves. A. inapertus is slightly hardier than evergreen cultivars. Position in full sun, on well-drained soil. Will tolerate some winter wetness, but position in full sun, on well-drained soil with some grit incorporated into it.

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These are truly stunning, perfectly hardy members of the orchid family. Plant in well drained position with afternoon shade. Bletilla orginate from Japan. The rhizomes spread bit each year, the tops are visible on the soils surface. Leaves with pronounced ribs develop early in the year. Blooming in May with gorgeous pink open-mouthed flowers. A great plant to brighten up shady spots in the garden. Bletilla like rich fertile well-drained soil. Fully Hardy Perennial.
Height 60cm and spread 60cm.

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Agapanthus – Blue Velvet

This majestic African Lily perennial likes a place in full sun with moist but well drained soil, but will do well in partial shade as well. Blue Velvet offers large heads of blue flowers and each petal has a darker blue central stripe, the individual flowers form a globe held on stiff stems and will flower in July and August. Although the period over which they are attractive is much longer as the buds and seed heads are around for a long time. They make ideal specimens for pots that can then be stored in frost free environment in winter.

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