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Lupinus – Manhattan Lights

This British garden classic, is an eye-catching Lupin. It has tall flowering spikes, the individual flowers are bi-coloured with deep purple with a soft yellow eye. They are fast growing and will soon establish a worthwhile clump that will produce blooms in May and June. Plant in sun or partial shade. Remove spent flower heads so the energy goes into producing more spikes for the current season. Staking is beneficial if in an exposed position. For the winter months cut down and protect the crown with a shovelful of leaf mould or well rotted muck. Height 90cm and spread 75cm.

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Lupin Band of Nobles

Lupinus is a broad group including bi-annuals, perennials and shrubs with pea-like flowers on racemes and attractive palmate leaves. Band of Nobles, has long lasting blooms on a short lived perennial, comes in blue, red, pink, soft yellow and cream flowering in early and mid summer and will form clumps on rich, well drained soils with plenty of organic matter. The leaves are attractive are palmately divided blades with soft hairy stems and undersides. They grow best on neutral and acidic soils, so plant in the Camellia bed or grow in containers with full sun/partial shade.

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