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Macleaya cordata

This exuberant grower is member of the poppy family, you can see this in its leaves. The handsome architectural foliage is grey-green or blue-green and deeply loped and get large and change colour as they mature. They can end up the size of dinner plate. Water sits in pretty droplets on these leaves after rain. A useful plant for the back of the border as it attains real height, or to fill in large spaces. It is one step down from being invasive, as it is easy to keep in check. Great plumes of tiny creamy flowers create a cloudy effect in late summer, which are flowed by seed heads.

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Dicentra – Ivory Hearts

Dicentra are pretty perennials with unusual heart shaped fragrant flowers over finely cut fern-like leaves. Ivory Hearts has pure white flowers consistently from April to July and sporadically until autumn. Deeply divided grey-green leaves are very attractive. Plant in partial shade or shady spots in moist well drained soil. It’s good candidate for the woodland garden. Dicentra are attractive to the bees and butterflies. Height 30cm and spread 30cm.

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