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Salvia microphylla Neon

Neon is vivid, velvety open-mouthed Salvia. Will flower profusely from May to November, making an eye-catching display in beds or containers. Like other Salvias this has aromatic leaves, it wants a sunny position, is drought tolerant, likes well-drained soil and is attractive to bees and butterflies.
Height 90cm and spread 75cm.

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Salvia Mystic Spires

Mystic Spires Blue sends up spires of dark blue-purple flowers all summer long and can make a real impact in borders or in pots on terraces. Dead head spent flowers to gain more as your reward. Plant in full sun for a dazzling display of upright spires on a well branched plant. As with all Salvia, Mystic Spires a banquet for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. This is a tender perennial, so to ensure survival for following years take cuttings, they will root easily. In sheltered spots you can try over-wintering them in situ’ with an adequate application of cossetting mulch.

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Plectranthus argentatus

An Australian native plant, largely grown for its attractive silvery, velvety, ribbed, heart-shaped leaves. And it will needs plenty of pinching out to give it a bushier appearance. Pretty mauve-blue flowers are borne on small spires that appear in summer. Enjoys a sunny position in the garden on well-drained soil but can also be used to provide interesting foliage under garden trees where other plants aren’t willing to perform.

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Salvia Amistad

Amistad is Spanish for friendship. This a brand new Salvia with stunning purple and black flowers. At the moment it is protected by plant breeder’s rights, so is not yet available. It is drought tolerant and loves a sunny position in the garden. And will attract bees and butterflies. It has aromatic foliage like all salvia. May need winter protection in damp and colder areas if below -5 degrees. If in doubt take cuttings as an insurance policy. Slugs may attack young foliage. Propagate by division in spring or semi-ripe cuttings from non flowering shoots in summer. Hardy perennial.

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Perovskia Little Spires

Often called Russian Sage, Little Spires is a cultivar of Perovskia that remains smaller than other Perovskias and not so prone to flopping under its own weight. An aromatic plant with deeply divided silvery-green leaves. Summer and on to autumn see panicles of small mauve flowers. Plant in full sun on well-drained soil, draught tolerant. Cut back hard in the spring to promote new growth.

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