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Heuchera villosa - Palace Purple

It's Purple Palace that put Heuchera firmly on map as a useful foliage perennial, soon followed by many other varieties. Purple palace has enduring popular appeal to gardeners as it is so useful as a decorative foliage edge of bed plant, it forms neat mounds. The leaves vary in the depth of colour and how metalic or bronze the leaves look, depends on available light. They will hold the reddness in their leaves in full sun but are more at home in dappled shade. They're more or less evergreen, clump-forming perennials with attractive, rounded, shallowly palmately lobed leaves and racemes.

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Erysimum – Paintbox

Not just for the cottage garden, this evergreen perennial wallflower, with a dynamic range of colours on one plant is a sure fire winner. The scented, painterly flowers are held in clusters and can flower from late winter to late spring. Easy to grow for beginners and easy to propagate in spring and summer. Loved by all the pollinators, with a very long flowering season, makes a good cut flower. Plant in sun or partial shade on well-drained soil. Cut back after flowering to promote new flowers and to prevent legginess. Slug and snail resistant. Fully hardy perennial.

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Centaurea montana - Amethyst in Snow

A pretty bicolour flower of white tubular petals surrounding vivid purple centres in early summer. The silvery-green foliage forms dense clumps. Likes as well drained alkaline or neutral soil. Remove spent blooms to encourage further successions of flowers. Attractive to bees and butterflies. Cut back in autumn,divide in autumn if congested, do not allow the soil to become water-logged in winter months, a little grit when planting will help if unsure of conditions. Fully hardy perennial.

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Echinacea Butterfly Kisses

This recent introduction from Holland is one of the best double coneflowers. It is compact and will flower reliably, making many scented blooms that will attract bees and butterflies into the garden. During the season dead-head as blooms fade to encourage repeat flowering from the leaf junctions up the main stems. At the end of the season leave the faded blooms on as they provide a good source of food for small garden birds. Its compact habit is good for the front of flowerbed in a good sunny spot. Also happy in containers on the patio.

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Achillea – Strawberry Seduction

This Yarrow is from the Tutti-Fruiti series. Achillea love the sun and heat of summer and really don’t mind a poor soil. They flower prolifically from mid-summer well into autumn making an attractive addition to the garden border. Mounds of pretty fern-like foliage are covered with flat heads of long lasting tiny flowers that are a deep strawberry red with yellow eyes, the overall effect is a magnified strawberries surface. Regular dead heading will prolong the flowering season. Makes an excellent cut flower.

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