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Sambucus nigra – Black Beauty

Pretty flowers and aromatic dramatic leaves that contrast with each other harmoniously; followed by edible fruits! It has it all! Black Beauty is a new introduction that has dark purple almost black leaves. The leaves get darker the more sun this plant gets. Masses of large bunches of pinky flowers with a fresh citrus scent appear in mid summer. The scent will fill your garden on summer evenings.The flowers are followed by dark purple edible berries, that can be used for wine, jams or jellies. The fruits are also adored by garden birds.

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Ophiopogon nigrescens

Commonly called Lilyturf, Ophiopogon nigrescens is not a grass . It is a member of the Asparagus family. The dark leaves are ornamental and looks most striking when off-set against brighter leaves or hard landscaping surfaces. Flattened stems bear nodding mauve flowers in summer. These are followed by attractive shiny seeds.

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Monarda – Beauty of Cobham

Arching pale pink blooms that splay out from the centre of the flowerhead, sit above a rosette of broad, purple-pink bracts. The colourful display is further enhanced by the mid green foliage, which often has a purple flush. Most monarda can be capricious, and do not like soil that is either too damp or too dry. These plants are susceptible to powdery mildew, and while this rarely causes long-term damage, it can look unsightly towards the end of the summer. You can help reduce this by applying a 5-7cm (2-3in) mulch of well-rotted organic matter around each plant.

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White Bearded Iris

Tall White Bearded Iris. White flowers with yellow hafts. Irises prefer a full day of sun, but will grow and bloom well if given six or more hours of sunlight. The best time to plant is after the Iris has finished the bloom season and before it starts new growth. In most cases, this will be between July and October avoiding periods of temperature extremes. The ideal time is when the summer heat has ended and cooler fall weather arrives. This will ensure early root development. The bearded Iris is drought tolerant but will rot if too wet.

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