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Heuchera villosa - Palace Purple

It's Purple Palace that put Heuchera firmly on map as a useful foliage perennial, soon followed by many other varieties. Purple palace has enduring popular appeal to gardeners as it is so useful as a decorative foliage edge of bed plant, it forms neat mounds. The leaves vary in the depth of colour and how metalic or bronze the leaves look, depends on available light. They will hold the reddness in their leaves in full sun but are more at home in dappled shade. They're more or less evergreen, clump-forming perennials with attractive, rounded, shallowly palmately lobed leaves and racemes.

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Verbascum Southern Charm

This tall elegant apricot hued Verbascum makes worthy addition to any border. Verbascums have been transformed by breeders in recent years and Southern Charm captures all the qualities of its best qualities, giving great colour throughout the summer months. The spires grow up tall over a base of dark green crinkly leaves and form basal rosettes. They will form good clumps in a couple of seasons. It also makes a good cut flower for flower arrangers.

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Dahlia Roxy

Roxy is one of our favourite Dahilas, with its cheerful magenta daisy flowers on dark leaves, with a relatively compact habit. It will flower continuously for months, from June to October or first frosts. Roxy is from the Bishop group of Dahlias with cousins such as The Bishop of Llandaff. Loved by the pollinators, Roxy will carry on flowering if deadheaded regularly . They are quite happy in full sun on a moist, well-drained soil. The tubers are tender, but if you plant them deeply enough and mulch well at the end of autumn you can leave them in the ground.

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Artemisia Silver King

Silver Kings is vigorous but can be extremely useful in places where all else fails, spots in full sun all day, on sunny free-draining slopes. The plant will quickly form a clump of fragrant silvery leaves that white on the underside and covered with small hairs that protect them from excessive moisture loss due to evaporation. Small white insignificant flowers follow in the summer. If it becomes to leggy or starts collapsing under its own weight, simply cut down by 50-70% it will quickly rejuvenate. Perhaps to vigorous except for the largest herbaceous beds, good in pots, raised beds.

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Iris Black

Near perfect black, this Iris is very dark and quite beautiful. Stout, reliable, elegant plants that flower in late spring or early summer. Grey-green sword shaped leaves grow in fans from rhizomes that are only part submerged in the ground. Likes a free draining spot with plenty of grit, dislikes wet feet. Happy in containers, they also make a good cut flower. Hardy Perennial.
Height 75cm and 45cm.

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