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Echinacea purpurea Vintage Wine

An unusual Coneflower. It's scented, a deep but crisp pink, not dusty like more common varieties, and the petals are quite stubby around an extra large protruding cone. The cone is dark brown but many other colours can be seen within it. They start flowering as things start hotting up in the garden from June until autumn. It is quite stout, no staking is required. Once established it can cope with most soil and weather conditions, although dislikes being water-logged in the winter. Works well planted in mixed borders or planted en-mass in drifts.

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Echinacea purpurea Little Magnus

Little Magnus as the name suggests is somewhat shorter than most varieties at just 45cm, so a useful daisy style flower for the front of herbaceous beds. A deep pink cone flower with protruding brown cone. Loved by bees and butterflies when in bloom and the birds love the seedheads. Will grow in any well drained soil in full sun or part shade. flowering from early summer until late autumn. will form clumps that can be lifted and divided when the plant becomes congested. A spadeful of something protective and nutritious for autumn is good idea. Hardy Perennial.

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Echinacea Garden Emotions Bright Orange

Enchinacea Garden Emotions is a new range of Echinacea which encompasses many of the colours that have recently become available for Echinacea. Garden Emotions Bright Orange is a single flowering Echinacea with brightly coloured petals and a protruding cone from its centre making it extremely attractive to and useful to bees, butterflies and the other pollinators. Echinacea will flower from their first year, but given time will establish good clumps. Flowering from June to October and achieving a height of around 60-70cm. Plant them in fertile, well drained soil in full to partial shade.

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Macleaya cordata

This exuberant grower is member of the poppy family, you can see this in its leaves. The handsome architectural foliage is grey-green or blue-green and deeply loped and get large and change colour as they mature. They can end up the size of dinner plate. Water sits in pretty droplets on these leaves after rain. A useful plant for the back of the border as it attains real height, or to fill in large spaces. It is one step down from being invasive, as it is easy to keep in check. Great plumes of tiny creamy flowers create a cloudy effect in late summer, which are flowed by seed heads.

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Morina Longifloia

An unusual and desirable perennial. A Himalayan native, the beautiful glossy, thistle-like leaves give off a citrus scent when you brush against them. Tall whorled clusters of waxy white-pink flowers rise above the foliage in late spring and early summer. Fertilised flowers turn deeper shades to indicate to the bees and other pollinators they have been fertilised. Evergreen in mild winters, dislikes soggy feet in winter months. Plant on fertile, well drained soil that won’t dry out to much in summer. An excellent companion for ornamental grasses and Dierama.

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