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Digitalis Mixed

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Foxgloves are a popular hedgerow and woodland plant preferring light shade. Instantly recognised by everyone they vary in colour from pinks, mauves, white, apricot with marking inside the tall spires of tubular bells that are varied spots, freckles, circles of purple, red, burgundy, pink or mauve. Superb in a shady border and flocked to by bees and other pollinating insects. You can encourage this bi-annual to behave in a perennial manner by removing spent spires before the seed pods start forming. Foxgloves have a rosette of large basal oval, hairy leaves. Digitalis prefer rich well drained, light moist soils but will tolerate drier heavier conditions. Readily set seed if left to their own devises, seedlings can be transplanted to new spot. All Digitalis are poisonous if eaten. Height 150cm and spread 50cm.

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