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Penstemon Sour Grapes

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Our Penstemons were originally bred by Edward Wilson of Pershore, Worcestershire and are hardier plants more resistant to damp and colder conditions. Selecting an elegant Penstemon for your garden will ensure masses of colour for up to six months of the year, they are hard working, beautiful and easy to grow plants. Will brighten borders in late summer particularly when teamed with Dahlias. Will attract lots of pollinating insects into the garden. They come in a diverse range of colours and heights. To prolong flowering remove spent flower stems. Don’t cut back in at the end of season, wait for the spring and cut back by about a third, this will help protect the new stems. Autumn mulching with dry material is also helpful. Plant in full sun or partial shade, drought tolerant. Sour Grapes is a lovely soft rich purple with darker and white markings on the throat. Height 60cm and spread 50cm.

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