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Phlox Paniculata Neon Flare

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It's win, win with a clump of beautiful Phlox in your garden, they burst into flower for summer. Neon Flare has charming irregular pink and white markings to the petals . They are selected for their heady evening scents that waft about, and for their beautiful heads of simple but abundant flowers. They are attractive to butterflies who adore the scent and the nectar. Happiest in the border but will do well in pots on the patio, where they release clouds of scent when brushed past. They make a good cut flower. And are known to be slug and snail resistant, generally problem free and very easy and rewarding to grow. Not fussy about soil conditions, as long as it is well drained and will grow in full or partial shade. Height 75cm and spread 75cm.

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