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Salvia Mystic Spires

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Mystic Spires Blue sends up spires of dark blue-purple flowers all summer long and can make a real impact in borders or in pots on terraces. Dead head spent flowers to gain more as your reward. Plant in full sun for a dazzling display of upright spires on a well branched plant. As with all Salvia, Mystic Spires a banquet for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. This is a tender perennial, so to ensure survival for following years take cuttings, they will root easily. In sheltered spots you can try over-wintering them in situ’ with an adequate application of cossetting mulch. If Mystic Spires looks tired or too scruffy during the growing season you can cut down by half, it will quickly regenerate. It is semi-evergreen and has aromatic grey-green ovate leaves.
Height 120cm and spread 60cm.

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