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Tradescantia Pallida Purpurea

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Foliage from the stunning end of the colour spectrum. This Tradescantia has deep purple lightly hairy elongated fleshy leaves and stems. As if that’s not enough sometimes the leaves appear to have blue, green and turquoise flecks and stripes. Often grown as a house plant but is actually is tough enough to grow outdoors as a tender perennial. Sometimes called Spiderwort or Purple Spiderwort is incredibly exotic looking planted in summer troughs and pots where it will grow skywards and partially shroud the container. Grow in full sun to get the darkest purplest leaves. Pinch out the tips every few weeks to stop it getting to leggy. You can plant it out in the borders where it will happily spread by layering itself; it may die off in harder in winters as it originates from Mexico, other years it may survive if it’s a sheltered spot. In late summer take cuttings and keep in a greenhouse/cold frame/ indoors to ensure some survival. In the summer simple pink flowers appear. Has the RHS – AGM. All soil types as long as they rich and well drained. Not hardy. Pest Resistant. Height 50cm and spread 120cm.

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